The best presentations need top quality supplies. OfficeFurniture4Sale.com has supplies to help make presentations easy, polished, and impressive. Designed to ensure that your visual aids are easily understood without toppling over, easels are essential for any visual presentations.  OfficeFurniture4Sale.com has simple but durable easels to support visual aids such as poster boards and more. We also offer easels with extra large pads of paper that are securely mounted on a heavy-duty tripod, perfect for brainstorming sessions and delegating tasks on a to-do list. When the presentation is finished, simply fold up your easel and put it away! These presentational tools are lightweight and compact, making them easy to pack and great for business trips and work related travel.

Our easels at OfficeFurniture4Sale.com are made with the finest quality, heavy-duty materials and are guaranteed to last.  We now also have dry erase board easels available.   For more information on our presentational products and to determine which may be right for you, our sales associates are available online and by phone at OfficeFurniture4Sale.com

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MasterVision Gold Ultra Magnetic Tripod Easel, 29 1/2" x 41", Black/Gray

SKU # 619125
Availability: 1 in stock
Low-ghosting magnetic dry-erase surface Includes 2 magnetic extension bars that allow you to present up to 3 sheets of paper at once. Adjustable pad hooks fit most easel pads.
$314.99 $220.49

SKILCRAFT Dual-Sided Dry-Erase Presentation Easel, 34" x 26", White/Black (AbilityOne 7520-01-642-1225) Item # 685639

SKU # 685639
Availability: 1 in stock
The SKILCRAFT Dual-Sided Dry-Erase Presentation Easel makes a great trade-show display and public-speaking visual aid. Its lightweight aluminum frame folds flat for easy storage and travel, so you'll always have it handy when you need it.
$329.99 $263.99

OF4S Presentation Easel, Black With Chart Holder

SKU # 630103
Availability: Out of stock
- Lightweight, telescoping legs make setup quick, easy and convenient. - Height-adjustable display tray. - Insert pad easily with "no pinch" pad retainer mechanism. - Adjustable chart holders fit most easel pads and lock in place to hold large or small materials. - Locking center brace provides stability and supports heavier items. - Supports up to 25 lbs.
$74.99 $52.49

MasterVision Outlet Easy-Clean Dry-Erase Easel, 27" x 35"

SKU # 193453
Availability: Out of stock
4 sturdy legs provide additional support
$144.19 $115.35

Pacon Outlet Chart Stand, 50" Non-Adjustable

SKU # 230714
Availability: Out of stock
Sturdy tubular metal stand holds individual sheets or full chart pads 28" wide
$63.79 $44.65

(Scratch & Dent) OF4S Presentation Easel, Black With Chart Holder

SKU # 630103_S&D
Availability: Out of stock
Only Sold Out of our Miami Office Furniture Warehouse
$74.99 $37.50

Boone Outlet 4-Leg Adjustable Easel With Dry-Erase Board

SKU # 342614
Availability: Out of stock
Sturdy, square steel base construction and a sliding 29" x 40" dry-erase surface adjusts from 40" to 70" at full height. Easy-to-grip knobs unscrew to accept a standard flip chart pad. Folds flat and stores easily. Height 70". Weight is 22 lb.
$193.99 $135.79

MasterVision Outlet Flex Lightweight Telescoping 3-Leg Display Easel, 34" To 63" High, Aluminum, Silver

SKU # 582429
Availability: Out of stock
Great option for displaying welcome signs to provide a warm greeting for your visitors. The telescoping design offers added flexibility.
$76.45 $54.99

Quartet DuraMax Presentation Easel With Whiteboard/Flipchart Holder, 72"H, Gray Item # 919233

SKU # 919233
Availability: Out of stock
Made of indestructible, high-density plastic that resists scratches and dents
$310.99 $248.79