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SKU: SL4824R
Manufacturer part number: SL4824R

Global's Offices To Go 48'' Return Shell-Reversible

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Manufacturer: Offices To Go

Global's Offices To Go 48'' Return Shell-Reversible


48"W x 24"D x 29.5"H

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Autumn Walnut * American Dark CherryAmerican Mahogany * American Espresso *

Superior Laminate Desk To Go
We are proud to present a "Superior Laminate" desk system. This product offering emphasizes clean, contemporary styling and "superior" construction. Numerous features make this desk product the ideal "superior" solution for all office requirements.

Available in a wide range of components and sizes, this series can easily be configured to suit any office need. Each surface features a "Super Edge" 3mm PVC matching edge. Also "Super Edge" is stronger and more durable than the edging found on many other desk products.

"Superior" design details, "superior" quality hardware, and "superior" laminates available in American Mahogany, Autumn Walnut, American Dark Cherry, or American Espresso make this product the "superior" choice.


Products specifications
Product Classification New
Frame Construction Engineered Wood
Color American Dark Cherry
Color American Mahogany
Color American Espresso
Color American Walnut (AWL)
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