Universal 60" x 46" Clear Cleated Low Pile Carpet Office Chair Mat

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Ensure office chairs roll easily on your carpeted floors with this Universal 60" x 46" clear studded low pile carpet office chair mat!

Made of durable vinyl, this mat provides maximum durability to protect flooring from caster wear, accidental spills, and heavy foot traffic. While the cleated bottom offers superior gripping power on carpeted floors, the smooth surface ensures effortless gliding for mobility within cubicles or at work stations.

Designed to protect low pile carpets up to 3/8" thick, this mat is the perfect addition to any office setting. Its non-phthalate, non-cadmium construction ensures an exceptionally clean product, allowing it to easily blend in with your office's theme or color scheme. Keep your carpeted floors looking neat, clean, and professional with this chair mat!